Transportation & Parking

Safe rides

Take care of yourself and take advantage of IU’s safe ride services.

IU Ride offers free rides from 8 p.m. to 1:45 a.m., seven days a week, when classes are in session.

IU Ride Late Nite by Lyft is available from midnight to 3 a.m. daily. It provides a credit of $6.50 per Lyft ride within the designated service area. Limit 10 rides per month, tips not included. Discount code must be added to your Lyft account.

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Visiting IU?

The Visitor Information Center is staffed by students who can tell you all about IU and Bloomington. The center also has information about traveling to and from campus.

Take the bus

The IU Campus Bus Service provides routes that serve all parts of campus. Rides are free for IU students. The campus fleet is fully accessible—all buses are equipped with a kneeling feature and a wheelchair ramp. You can track the buses in real time.

Learn more about the Campus Bus Service

IU students, staff, and faculty ride for free on Bloomington Transit, our city bus system. The buses offer routes to and from campus, and around Bloomington.

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Welcome to Biketown, U.S.A.

To say we are a bike-loving community is an understatement. Biking is nearly a religion at IU, and we have the world’s greatest college bicycle race—the Little 500—to prove it. It’s also our favorite green way to get where we’re going.

A person rides a bike on the IU campus.

Hail a ride, take a shuttle, or share a ride

Ride-hailing and taxi services

Bloomington is small enough that you won’t break the bank paying for a ride from any point A to any point B. And you can always share rides with friends for a less expensive, greener option.


Shuttle services can take you to and from the Indianapolis International Airport, a 50-mile drive from campus.


A safe and convenient option for IU students who hail from Chicago, South Bend or northwestern Indiana, Catch-A-Ride is available during holidays, IU breaks, and select weekends.

Hoosier Rideboard

Hoosier Rideboard is for IU students, faculty, and staff who want to share rides. Use it to find or offer rides to:

  • Class
  • Work
  • Concerts or sporting events
  • Other cities or IU campuses
  • The Indianapolis airport
  • Anywhere you’d like to go!

Parking on and near campus

If you must drive to campus often, you’ll want to get a parking permit. There is no free parking on or near campus, and at peak times of the day and year, be prepared to hunt for the closest spaces.

Find IU parking lots

Don’t gamble—you will be ticketed for parking in an IU lot without a parking permit. The City of Bloomington will also ticket you for not paying the meters on city streets near campus, unless you have a city parking permit.

Learn more about your parking permit options.