Student Organizations

Find your group (and yourself)

When we say there’s a lot to do at IU, we’re not bragging. We have more than 750 student organizations, from IU Student Government to Union Board to groups for students and interests of all kinds. And that number is always growing.

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Help your community, or the world

Service is everywhere at IU. We have hundreds of service-focused student organizations, service-learning courses, and community engagement programs focused on addressing local and global issues. Plus, many students embark on service trips around the globe during spring break and the summer months.

All of these are considered IU Corps experiences. IU Corps is a starting point for all things related to volunteerism and service—including Volunteer Central, a database where you can match 200+ volunteer opportunities to your skills and interests.

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Join a sorority or fraternity

Nearly 25 percent of IU undergraduates are members of Greek-letter organizations, and there are more than 65 to choose from. Joining a sorority or fraternity is a great way to get involved in the community, develop leadership skills, and make a difference through philanthropic efforts.

Four African American women in sorority jackets sit smiling on a bench.

Explore your artsy side

Whether you’re an accomplished vocalist, a film buff, an artist, or a dancer, at IU you’ll find plenty of groups populated by people just like you.

We take the arts seriously here—even when we’re playing around. Did you know that the a cappella group Straight No Chaser got its start at IU?

It’s true. Join us and who knows? Someday we might be talking about you.