Career Prep

Get real-world ready

Meet the new day with the skills you need. At IU, you’ll be able to refine your skills, build new ones, and enter the professional world ready for anything.

We’re here to help you, of course. Your academic and career advisors serve as your guides, ensuring you stay on a path that leads to success.

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Make every day count in your grand adventure

Maybe you’ve been on the same career path since kindergarten. Maybe you change your mind about what you’re going to “do” every other day. It doesn’t matter.

At IU, you have the time and freedom to try new things—and when you keep your mind open to the possibilities, there’s no telling what you can discover.

Learn to speak Romanian. Join a student organization like the Bloomington Ad Club. Run for Union Board.

Every time you explore something new, you’re getting better prepared for the future.

Explore new things

And experience life on a global scale

There’s a reason we’re always in the top 10 for the number of students who study overseas—it’s a life-changing experience we do our best to encourage at every educational level.

Whether you choose to spend a semester studying in Europe or a summer interning in China, you can learn things that you never even think about in your ordinary life on campus.

Get a global education

95 percent of IU seniors feel they’ve acquired job- or work-related knowledge and skills.

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No matter which direction you turn, your path leads to success

Career preparation is built into the fabric of IU. After all, you’re here to get an education that prepares you for whatever comes next, whether that’s a job or graduate school.

You have access to career development services throughout your time as an IU student. And you’re encouraged to pursue internships, volunteer activities, and service learning opportunities to build your resume at every turn.

See how we help you build your career

This is one story that never has to end

Although you can’t remain a student forever, your IU adventure can continue wherever life takes you.

There are more than 740,000 graduates waiting to connect with you and help you reach your goals, so whatever the ideal future looks like to you, they can work with you to make it happen.

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