The patients are fake, but the experience is real

A group of students stands around a simulation mannequin in a hospital room.

There is a reason Indiana University’s medical, nursing, and health degree programs are among the top ranked in the entire country. Students graduate fully prepared for the real world.

Just look at the IU Interprofessional Simulation Center, where health science students practice using state-of-the-art simulators, including “Harvey,” a cardiopulmonary patient simulator, and SimMom, a simulator that can give “birth” to a newborn infant. With the support of faculty and peers, students learn to make patient assessments and tackle fast-changing medical situations.

How does this make a difference in their education? Well, you wouldn’t want to fly a plane without practicing in a flight simulator first. Thanks to this program, IU’s health science students graduate with increased confidence and are better prepared for their careers.

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Simulations allow students to manage challenging situations and practice critical thinking, and they help set students up for success in their clinical rotations.

David Rodgers, director of the IU Interprofessional Simulation Center